About us

Yakka Group build the strong
foundations of tomorrow, today.

The Story of Our Team
As an Australian run and owned company we saw a gap in the market for exceptional quality work. With frustration in the construction industry for a lack of quality and cost effective options for clients and a positive and supportive workplace for staff we wanted to change the culture. Backed by over 30 years of combined building and engineering experience, George and Ramzi partnered together to establish Yakka Group as a Civil Engineering & Construction Company to address the need for exceptional quality work and construction service in the market.

George Boughaleb, civil engineer and founder of Yakka Group, possesses over 15 years of civil engineering experience working on both residential and commercial spaces. George works closely with you to bring your project goals to life. Due to his unrivalled dedication to his craft, he has helped build a number of remarkable properties across Australia and yours could be next.

Ramzi Srour, our builder and co-founder, carries with him nearly 30 years of construction industry experience and hundreds of successful projects under his belt, Ramzi brings so much to the table. Known for his phenomenal and robust projects all across the Greater Sydney Area, Ramzi has an extensive building portfolio comprising of a diverse variety of residential and commercial constructions.

We are proudly Australian owned and carry a strong ethos for supporting staff of all backgrounds. Yakka believes Indigenous, Torres Strait Islander, Non-Indigenous and Immigrants help support and grow our beautiful country. Yakka meaning hard work and paying homage to the Indigenous rightful land owners of our beautiful Australia.

The Yakka Group Mission
Led by George Boughaleb and Ramzi Srour, we take pride in delivering personalised building and construction solutions with the best quality materials, expert workmanship and an unending dedication to meet our clients’ unique project requirements. We envision a breathtaking Australian landscape filled with residential and commercial buildings that reflect the identity of its people. By offering quality construction services to Australian families, businesses and organisations, we create opportunities for cost-effective, timely and durable construction projects.

Yakka Group’s Principals
Yakka Group is committed to delivering the above and beyond service we are recognised for by prioritising quality, reliability, integrity and clear communication. In everything we do, Yakka Group upholds a high standard of values and excellence – this is why we care about making the building and construction process positive, memorable and rewarding. At Yakka Group, we are driven to build, restore and construct projects that both our team and our clients can be proud of. Yakka Group strives to be the first choice for residential, commercial and council building & construction services across Australia.

Residential, Commercial, and Council Construction Services
Yakka Group offers six key services: remedial, civil, formwork, landscape, house construction and pool building. We take care of all your construction needs from the initial consultation to the maintenance and aftercare of your project. With our dedicated team at Yakka Group, you can rest assured that you will have cost-effective and top-quality construction solutions, fully managed from start to finish.

Quality Management
At Yakka Group, our goal is to make construction services more accessible, while never compromising on quality. With us, you will get exceptional results without sacrificing your budget. All work conducted by Yakka goes through a thorough process of rigorous checks adhering to the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle as per ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems. This procedure ensures projects are completed to the highest degree and has been ingrained in the Yakka Group company culture.

Work Health and Safety
Ensuring safety for all those involved is one of our leading priorities for all projects conducted by Yakka Group. This includes clients, employees, general public, and any other relevant stakeholders for the project. To guarantee this, Yakka has established and upheld a safety system that abides by the Australian Standard AS4801 for Work Health and Safety (WHS) systems.

Proudly Australian Family Owned and Run
We started our company as a family, and those principles make up the fundamental base of our service to this day. That’s why we take so much pride in our work and conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity. We build a positive and nurturing environment for our staff – because we believe that the foundation of our service success comes from a united team. Together, we’re all here to help you.

Environment Management Systems
Minimising impact whilst protecting and fostering growth within the environment are actions that Yakka Group are dedicated to following for all of our projects. We promote minimal wastage and operate to ensure our workers methods fulfill requirements stated by the Australian & New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS ISO14001) for Environment Management Systems.

The Ethos Behind Yakka Group
We understand that you want to choose a building and construction partner that shares the same goals and values as you do. Yakka Group treats every project and building that we work on as historic: a legacy for the next generations of Australians to enjoy for years to come.

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