House Build

Canterbury – House Build

Understanding the unique aspects of a block of land is crucial when it comes to developing new homes. Building your own property from the ground up is a once in a lifetime experience for most, so the experienced builders at Yakka work hard to guarantee your dream home comes into fruition.

For this particular house build, Yakka Group was in charge of the entire project. Such works included but was not limited to:

  • Initial investigation and consultation
  • Excavation and leveling of the land
  • Pouring of concrete slabs and suspended slabs
  • Construction of blockwalls and frames
  • Installation of utilities
  • Painting and furnishings
  • Creation and installation of custom items
  • Landscaping of all exterior areas

Several custom items were procured for this project. Yakka took great care in ensuring all items were handled delicately during production, delivery, and installation. The custom stair build and accompanying rails are some of the items we produced for this home.

Through this project, Yakka Group took extra precautions to ensure the home was constructed just as the client wanted. Our dedicated team of experienced builders worked very closely with not only the client, but the architect and engineer to ensure everything went according to plan.

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