Duplex Build

Earlwood – Duplex Build

Popularity of duplex’s have increased rapidly in Sydney as land has been continuing to become more scarce. Yakka Group has been capable of meeting this new demand, having constructed multiple duplex builds within the past couple years. When it comes to duplex’s, the experience, wide range of proficiencies, and quality workmanship at Yakka are some of the main driving forces behind our high demand.

For this particular project, Yakka Groups scope of works included:

  • Basement, ground, and first floor formwork
  • Steel fixing for all of the above areas
  • Dincel wall install and core filling
  • Pouring and leveling of concrete slabs and suspended slabs

As the project is still ongoing, final pictures can not yet be shown. While this may be the case, Yakka Group has maintained quality workmanship and consistently matched deadlines thus far. The Yakka guarantee will continue to ensure our standards at this site will be upheld till its conclusion.

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