Pyrmont – Balcony

Remedial work is important for all structures, big or small. For this particular job, our client noticed that there was water leaking through their balcony. Yakka Group was contracted to investigate the issue and provide a solution that prevents this from reoccurring in the future.

Yakka carried out the following:

  • Demolition of existing balcony floor
  • Investigation and repair of leak
  • Transportation of concrete to balcony via electric builders hoist
  • Installation of membrane and waterproofing to new floor
  • Paving of newly waterproofed floor

Given how work was carried out on a top floor balcony, safety was our number one priority. Work was always carried out cautiously to ensure no workers or pedestrians were harmed during the project. The electric hoist utilized to carry materials such as concrete to the balcony was always properly attached with checks carried out prior to use. It is through these steps and many others that Yakka Group ensures work carried out in high places is done safely for all those involved.

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