Child Care Centre

Thornleigh – Child Care Centre

For a brand new child care centre in Thornleigh, Yakka Group was contracted with building an extension to their existing driveway. This involved constructing two suspended slabs over very steep ground. The slabs were positioned on top of piers and were levelled in a way that positioned them slightly higher than the existing driveway, as it will be raised in later stages.

Yakka Groups works included:

  • Investigation of services around the site
  • Excavation and disposal of removed spoils to level area of footings
  • Forming of piers, beams, and bondek as per structural design
  • Supply and installation of concrete and steel reinforcement
  • Blockwall barrier install

Throughout this project, there were multiple external factors causing setbacks. Harsh weather conditions was one of our most limiting factors. That being the case, Yakka had continued to operate at our most optimal rate to ensure the project was completed in time for the grand opening.

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