Yakka House Construction

Yakka House Construction

Yakka Group can build your entire home from the foundations, up. We understand that every block of land has its own unique qualities and cater to each situation accordingly. That along with our client’s vision are top priorities when it comes to handling your project. We are dedicated to ensuring your block of land is transformed into a spacious and luxurious dream home whilst maintaining affordability.

Our works for house construction will typically include:

  • An initial consultation and discussion of your options
  • Formwork and pouring of concrete slabs
  • Timber framing, joist, and bearer arrangement
  • Blockwork and dincel wall install
  • Waterproofing and first stage plumbing
  • Procurement of custom items
  • Tiling, paving, and landscaping

Yakka Group has got everything covered when it comes to building your dream home. With a history of numerous constructed custom homes throughout the years, we are committed to providing an innovative design to suit your preferences.

We at Yakka Group are excited to work with you. For any enquiries, contact us at 02 9560 0800 or send your request through our contact page.

We would love to work with you.

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