Yakka Public Domain

Yakka Public Domain

Yakka Group also work on civil projects in partnership with local governments to assist in beautifying Australia for its people. We have previously worked with Canterbury, Woollahra, and Ryde Councils to complete multiple civil projects – all on time and within budget.

Our upgrade plans assist greatly in rejuvenating and transforming Sydney landscapes. These include:

  • Demolition and excavation
  • Pathway construction and repair
  • Paving and landscaping of public areas
  • Damaged drainage and utility replacement

Projects conducted in the public domain must consider the general public as well as local businesses that may be affected by the undertaken works. These are our top priorities when we conduct public domain upgrades. Our works are performed in a way that places safety for all involved as a top priority.

We at Yakka Group are excited to work with you. For any enquiries, contact us at 02 9560 0800 or send your request through our contact page.

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